FULL ROOM TOUR Inside Disney World’s Gran Destino Tower

Planning a Disney World vacation and considering staying at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort & Gran Destino Tower? Well, we’ve got something that might help you pull the plug!

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort has been a staple hotel in Disney World since it opened back in 1997 and is designed to celebrate the romance and history of Spanish colonial Mexico. The resort’s original design featured a central lake surrounded by three distinct villages – Casitas, Ranchos, and Cabanas – each with its own unique charm and architecture.

The Gran Destino Tower at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

In 2017, the resort underwent a major renovation that included the addition of the Gran Destino Tower, which added a new level of luxury to the resort’s already impressive offerings. The tower features its own rooftop restaurant and lounge, which offers stunning views of the Walt Disney World Resort and delicious Spanish-inspired cuisine. Plus, there’s also a Spanish-inspired coffee shop/bar located on the ground floor.

Disney’s Gran Destino Tower Lobby

The Gran Destino Tower is inspired by the art and culture of Spain, and the resort’s stunning architecture and design reflect this influence throughout. With 545 rooms, the tower is the perfect choice for families and business travelers alike. Room rates start at around $200 per night, making it a great option for those who want to experience some of the perks of a Deluxe Resort without breaking the bank.

But, are the rooms really as luxurious as it sounds? We’re taking you along for a FULL ROOM TOUR! We recently stayed in a Tower – Water View room at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort and are excited to bring you inside!

Walt Disney artwork in the lobby at the Gran Destino Tower

The standard rooms in the Gran Destino Tower sleep up to 4 adults with 2 queen-sized beds. The only rooms that differ from this are the King Bed rooms which only sleep up to 2 adults and include one king-sized bed.

Regardless of which room type you choose, you’ll have plenty of space to spread out and enjoy laminate flooring instead of the traditional carpet that can be found in most Disney World hotel rooms that have not been renovated.

Tower Room — Water View at Disney’s Gran Destino Tower

And, the great thing about the beds in the Gran Destino Tower is that they double as extra storage space!

Both the queen and king beds are raised a bit higher so that there’s plenty of room under the bed to store your suitcases, shoes, souvenirs, and more.

Lots of space for extra storage under the beds!

In between the beds is the nightstand which is where you’ll find a phone to call down to the front desk to request additional amenities, arrange a wake-up call from Mickey and his friends, or anything else you might need. There are also two outlets at the base of the lamp which make it easy to charge your phone overnight.

The nightstand has some extra charging spots

And, don’t look past the design on the lamp — it’s actually a hidden detail! The Gran Destino Tower is based on a little-known short that Walt Disney worked on with Salvador DalĂ­. The project began back in 1945 but wasn’t completed until well after Walt passed away in 2003 after Walt Disney’s nephew, Roy E. Disney, revived it.

A bell tower is one of the main images in the short which the bell design on the lamps pays tribute to!

Don’t let the small details go unnoticed!

Each room also comes with a chair for lounging and a floor lamp with a small table attached. This is a great place to charge your MagicBand+ or store your park accessories.

Extra seating and lighting

Now, there are two different room views to choose from when you book a stay at the Gran Destino Tower — the Standard View or Water View. We chose a water view room which gave us a view of the lake that centers the resort. Plus, off in the distance, we could see Cinderella Castle, Space Mountain, and Disney’s Contemporary Resort. This made it possible to watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks every night!

That view!

One thing that really makes the rooms in the Gran Destino Tower stand out is the TVs! The tower rooms were the first to be upgraded to the new smart TVs which include all the same Disney Resort channels that you’ve come to know and love, PLUS a new selection of on-demand Disney movies and programs, the ability to view your PhotoPass Photos from your trip, and a way to use Chromecast to stream the shows you want to watch from your phone or laptops wirelessly!

These new TVs are slowly rolling out to other Disney Resort hotels as more rooms are updated, but you’re guaranteed to have one in your room in the tower!

Disney TV…but BETTER!

Just under the TV, you’ll find a huge desk with plenty of space to spread out during your stay…

Anyone else use chairs for backpacks instead of people in Disney hotel rooms?

…and there are also three drawers if you’re someone who likes to unpack your clothes and get them sorted for your stay.

Drawers are available if you’re someone who likes to put their clothes away

You’ll also find some Disney Parks and Resort information on the desk, including information about the cleaning schedule.

Full room cleanings returned to all Disney World hotels in February 2023, so you can expect housekeeping to replace your towels, replenish your soaps and shampoos, clean the bathroom, make the beds, empty all the trash, tidy up the room, and vacuum. Just note that housekeeping was only coming every other day during our stay.

Check for any notices on the cleaning schedule

On the far right of the desk in the room, you’ll find some other essentials for your stay.

Some basics

This includes an ice bucket and plastic cups and lids

Extra cups and an ice bucket

…plus a Keurig machine for you to make a cup of coffee or tea in the morning (or whenever you need a little caffeine boost!).

For your morning coffee fix

You’ll be able to choose from Joffrey’s coffee pods, decaf coffee, and two Twinning Tea selections. And, there’s plenty of sugar and cream to make your cup of joe exactly how you want it.

These are sure to keep you running in Disney World!

Beneath the coffee station, hidden away in a cabinet, is a mini fridge. It has the ability to cool to 41 degrees and above and you can contact the front desk for assistance if it’s not already set to your preferred temperature.

No hotel room is complete without a mini fridge!

Right next to the coffee and mini fridge area, you’ll find a small stool to place your luggage up and out of the way.

This is always a hot commodity

And, then there’s an entire closet with more helpful things inside!

Peek inside the closet!

If you’re bringing along anything you don’t want to lose, there’s a safe built into the closet. And, you’ll also find an extra stool for luggage, plus an iron and ironing board.

There’s a safe, stool for luggage, ironing board, and iron

Up top is an extra pillow and blanket. If you’re someone who is always cold (like us), then this comes in handy!

These are always a must!

And, on the hangers, you can find information on how to arrange for housekeeping to do your laundry. This is a (paid-for) perk that not many Disney guests know about!

Did you know that Disney will do your laundry?

Each room in the Gran Destino Tower also comes with a thermostat that can be found on the wall next to the bed that is closest to the door.

Perhaps the most controversial thing in the room

And, now onto the bathroom!

To save space and make it easier to get around in the room, the door to the bathroom slides open and shut. And, you don’t have to worry about slamming these shut and waking up your family during a middle-of-the-night bathroom trip — the door has a quiet-shut function!

Time to go inside the bathroom!

Be sure to look for the hidden Mickey in the details on the door!

Such a fun detail!

Inside the bathroom area, you’ll have a large vanity with two sinks

Two sinks for maximum family efficiency

…and some extra storage space underneath where you’ll find extra towels.

The vanity

Open up the cabinets below if you need a hair dryer or tissues.

Be sure to check underneath!

And, now for the update you’ve been waiting for — Disney H2O+ products are still placed in the bathrooms! The company closed at the end of 2022, but it seems that Disney still has toiletries a-plenty!

We were provided with body lotion, aloe vera, mouthwash, a vanity kit, a shower cap, and bar soap at the sink.

H2O products are still available!

The toilet is off in its own room attached to the bathroom area making it easier for the whole family to get ready for a park day at once.

Toilet room

And, if you were hoping to feel like you’ve gone to the spa during your Disney vacation, let’s just say…the shower DELIVERS!

The shower is MASSIVE

The walk-in glass shower features both a rain showerhead and a handheld one that detaches for you to toggle between.

Helpful to have 2 settings

And, Disney H2O+ shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are in large (seemingly bottomless) bottles attached to the wall in the shower.

Anyone else love showering at Disney because of these?

That’s a wrap on the Gran Destino Tower room tour! Now that you’ve “looked around,” here are a few of the things that we loved about the rooms…

  • The amenities in the room were very similar (and in some cases better!) compared to those that you receive when staying at a Disney Deluxe Resort but we weren’t paying Deluxe prices.
  • The room was much more spacious than expected which gave us plenty of room to spread out.
  • We could see fireworks!

And, here are a few of the things that we wish were a little different…

  • Bathing our toddler was a challenge in the walk-in shower.
  • The smart TV was awesome, but we didn’t really have the chance to use it because we were busy in the parks and around the resort.
  • The sliding bathroom doors left a small crack so it didn’t feel like we had complete privacy in the bathroom (though they do lock!).

So, do you have a stay booked at the Gran Destino Tower at Disney’s Coronado Springs? Drop any questions you still have below and stay tuned to The VacationEAR for more of the latest Disney hotel tours, reviews, tips, and updates!

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