REVIEW: Did I Just Find The BEST Cup Of Coffee In Disney World?

Do you like starting your Disney World day with a delicious cup of coffee? Well, there are a lot of places where you can get your caffeine fix both inside and outside of the parks! But, the best cup of coffee in Disney World? Well, you’ll probably get a different answer from every Disney fan you ask.

Of course, you can find drip coffee at nearly any quick service or table service restaurant, or you can stop by Joffrey’s or Starbucks on your way into the parks depending on your allegiance (the Joffrey’s v. Starbucks debate can really get fans going). But, a select few Disney guests have another SUPER convenient place to get coffee at their hotel — a coffee shop!

Disney’s Riviera Resort

There are a few Disney World Resorts that have actual coffee shops including Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Disney’s BoardWalk Inn, Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, and — the hotel we’re talking about today — Disney’s Riviera Resort! In general, you can find specialty Joffrey’s brewed coffee, espresso, and tea at these locations. But, there’s something special about Le Petit Cafe at Disney’s Riviera Resort — let’s get into it!

Le Petit Cafe

Le Petit Cafe is located just off the main lobby (which is on the second floor) of Disney’s Riviera Resort. The hotel itself is themed after Walt and Lillian Disney’s trips to the European Riviera, and the lobby is inspired by the French Riviera — hence, the coffee shop is named “Le Petit Cafe.”

In the morning, you can stop here for a coffee and bakery item. And, in the evening, Le Petit Cafe transforms into a wine and cocktail bar with snacks and pastries available. Both are great times to visit whether you’re grabbing a drink between park visits or sitting down in the Voyageurs Lounge next door to relax a bit. But, for all you morning coffee people, let’s dive a little deeper into what this spot has to offer!

Le Petit Cafe in the morning

The menu here is pretty simple for the first half of the day, with things like a Cafe Mocha, Americano, Caramel Macchiato, and the specialty Joffrey’s drink, the Shakerato (which is a double espresso shaken with demerara sugar) available. And, almost all of it is less than $5!

Le Petit Cafe Menu

There aren’t many alcoholic options available here before it transforms into a wine and cocktail bar. Though, we noticed that there was an extra sign on the counter advertising the Riviera’s Classic Mimosa and Jameson Irish Coffee if you want something boozy.

A few more specialty drinks you can get at Le Petit Cafe

The pastry menu is also pretty simple here, with things like croissants, almond croissants, muffins, banana bread, and cinnamon twists (a.k.a. cinnamon rolls) available to grab and go.

Le Petit Cafe pastries

Now, you might be thinking…this seems like the menu that is offered at most Joffrey’s locations around Disney World. But, here’s what makes Le Petit Cafe stand out — they have their own cold brew blend that you can ONLY get here! And, of course, we had to give it a try.

There are three different Cold Brew Coffee offerings on the menu that are made with the exclusive Riviera Resort Blend. This includes the classic Cold Brew Coffee, the Cinnamon Cold Brew, and the Almond Cold Brew. The blend is good enough to warrant getting the classic cold brew if you want something simple, but there’s something special about the other two that might make it worth spending the extra $.50 — they’re topped with Le Petit Cafe’s house-made Honey-almond Whipped Cream. YUM!

Almond Cold Brew with house-made honey-almond whipped cream

We gave the Almond Cold Brew with house-made Honey-almond Whipped Cream a try (for $4.79) and…it just might rank as #1 on the list of best coffees we’ve ever had in Disney World. The cold brew itself isn’t bitter like you may expect from black cold brew and the almond flavor adds a bit of sweetness to the coffee. Plus, that whipped cream…it’s SO GOOD! It’s light and fluffy and has a very subtle almond and honey taste to it — everything you want in a homemade whipped cream.

We’ll tell ya right now, if Disney released the recipe for this stuff, we’d probably eat it by the spoonful.

We also tried the Cinnamon Twist and it was…disappointing. It easily fell apart into chunks making it really hard to eat with a fork and knife and there just wasn’t anything special about it. Maybe it would have been better warmed…we’ll never know.

Cinnamon Twist and Almond Cold Brew

So, if you’re a coffee lover, it’s about time that you head to Le Petit Cafe! It may be a little out of the way if you’re not staying at Disney’s Riviera Resort, but take a break from the EPCOT and Disney’s Hollywood Studios crowds, hop on the Disney Skyliner, and try some of this exclusive cold brew! Then, come back and let us know what you thought!

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