5 AWESOME Disney World Hotels Near Animal Kingdom

If there’s one thing we’ve learned from numerous trips to Disney World, it’s the convenience of staying close to the action, and that sure does ring true when it comes to hotels near Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Picture this: waking up, sipping your morning coffee, and looking out at a savanna teeming with wildlife…all before even stepping foot in the park. It’s like having a backstage pass to one of Disney’s most immersive experiences, right from the get-go.

Choosing to stay at hotels at Animal Kingdom isn’t just about the convenience of being a stone’s throw from the park’s gates. It’s about extending the enchantment of your day into your nights and mornings. Imagine coming back from a day filled with thrilling rides and encounters with exotic animals, only to continue the adventure from the comfort of your resort. Whether it’s the up-close animal encounters or the short bus ride to the park, Disney resorts near Animal Kingdom offer an unparalleled haven for those who can’t get enough of the theme park!

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Entrance

Why Stay Near Disney’s Animal Kingdom?

If you’re mulling over where to stay for your next Disney escapade, let me zero in on why hotels near Disney’s Animal Kingdom, like Disney’s Animal Kingdom Villas and other Disney resorts near Animal Kingdom, are a no-brainer.

First off, the Early Theme Park Entry you get by staying at a Disney World Resort hotel is a game-changer. Imagine beating the crowds to Avatar Flight of Passage without breaking a sweat, or being the first to say hi to Mickey. It’s as if the park is yours, even if just for a fleeting moment.

Simba, Timone, and Pumba golden statues at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Then there’s the convenience factor. Coming back to your room after a long day, without the long trek or wait? Priceless. Especially if there’s a toddler in the mix or if someone in your party has hit their fun limit and needs a quick escape to recharge.

But here’s the real kicker — the immersive Disney hotel experiences. Staying at hotels close to Disney’s Animal Kingdom (or any Disney Resort hotel for that matter) isn’t just about proximity; it’s about feeling like you never leave Disney World until the day you check out. These places understand the Disney spirit inside out, mirroring the magic that the parks are renowned for. From the moment you step in, it’s a continuous thread of Disney everything that makes a vacation here unlike any other.

5 Best Disney Hotels Near Animal Kingdom

Nothing quite says ‘adventure’ like staying near Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Imagine waking up, sipping your coffee, and looking out to see giraffes casually strolling by. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, let me take you through the best hotels near Disney’s Animal Kingdom with a few hotels that make this dream a reality! These aren’t just places to crash after a long day at the parks; they’re part of the experience, each with its own touch of that Disney magic we all know and love.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge

Imagine waking up to the sight of zebras grazing outside your window or enjoying dinner with a view of giraffes sauntering by. At Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, this dream becomes a reality. This lodge isn’t just a hotel; it’s an immersive experience into the heart of Africa. With its 11,000-square-foot pool, you can splash around in a watery oasis, or maybe you’re more inclined to try the award-winning dining with flavors that transport you straight to the African savannah. And let’s not forget the stars of the lodge – the over 30 species of African wildlife that call the resort’s savannas their home.

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge — Jambo House

Now, if you’re like me and enjoy a sprinkle of exclusivity on your vacations, the Disney Vacation Club Villas at both Jambo House and Kidani Village offer that upscale, home-away-from-home feel with a touch of wild adventure. Remember, this enchanted lodge is the closest Disney World Resort hotel to Animal Kingdom, making beating those early morning crowds breeze. Sure, you might have a longer trek if you’re venturing to Magic Kingdom or EPCOT…but let’s be real…having a giraffe as a morning coffee buddy is worth the extra commute, right?

The Savanna at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge — Jambo House

And for those of us who like to make the most out of every Disney day, staying at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge comes with some extra park perks – including both Early Theme Park Entry and Extended Evening Theme Park Hours, thanks to its status as a Disney Deluxe Resort. Whether you’re a family looking for an unforgettable adventure or a couple seeking a unique retreat, staying near all the action at one of the top hotels near Animal Kingdom is an experience you won’t want to miss.

Which is better…Jambo House or Kidani Village? Get your answer HERE!

Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort

If you’re planning a trip to Disney World and want the thrill of being close to the magic without breaking the bank, let me tell you about Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort. This place is both fun and a great value, making it one of the best hotels at Animal Kingdom for families seeking both convenience and that over-the-top Disney experience.

Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort ©Disney

Being a Disney Value Resort, you’re scoring some of the lowest nightly rates across Disney resorts near Animal Kingdom by staying here. This means more budget left over for those must-have Mickey Ears, extra churros, and maybe even a fancy dinner at one of Disney’s restaurants. But, just a heads-up — its popularity with families can mean that you might experience a bit longer waits for buses at those peak park opening and closing times.

Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort Standard Room ©Disney

Now, why should you consider making Disney’s All-Star Movies Resort your home base? First, staying here qualifies you for Early Theme Park Entry. Yes, that means getting ahead of the crowds at Disney parks, including Animal Kingdom. Imagine beating the queues for Avatar Flight of Passage or getting that perfect selfie spot in front of the Tree of Life without a sea of heads in your shot — total game changer.

Plus, let’s not forget that this place is all about celebrating Disney movies — from Toy Story to 101 Dalmations, the themes here can be fun for your littlest travelers who can’t get enough of the classic Disney movies. Whether you’re winding down after a day of adventures or gearing up for the day ahead, the vibrant atmosphere here is sure to keep the Disney magic alive from the second you wake up to the second your head hits the pillow.

Disney’s All-Star Music Resort

If you’re anything like us, scoring a deal that feels like a steal is part of the thrill when planning a Disney getaway. And let me tell you, Disney’s All-Star Music Resort checks all the boxes for families looking to stay close to the magic without breaking the bank. What makes it stand out, you ask? For starters, it’s a Disney Value Resort, which means you’re getting the most bang for your buck with some of the lowest nightly rates among all the hotels at Animal Kingdom.

Disney’s All-Star Music Resort ©Disney

Now, I’m not going to sugarcoat it—since it’s a fan favorite among families (like other All-Star Resorts), you might find the bus wait times a tad longer when everyone rushes to hit the parks first thing in the morning or at closing time. And, it can get a bit lively compared to other Disney World Resorts. But, hear me out, the buzz and excitement are part of the charm…and sometimes it’s you’re own family contributing to all that buzz and excitement (IYKYK 😝).

The biggest selling point here for families looking to be close to Disney’s Animal Kingdom is the Family Suites. Unlike most Disney Value Resorts, All-Star Music offers suites that sleep up to 6 guests across two bedrooms and two bathrooms. For large families or groups traveling together, this is a lifesaver, providing ample space and privacy at an unbeatable price point. And guess what? Staying here also means you qualify for Early Theme Park Entry, giving you a head start on your Disney adventure each day.

Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort

Another great hotel option near Disney’s Animal Kingdom? Disney’s All-Star Sports Resort! As the third and final All-Star Resort, you’ll be getting all that larger-than-life theming…sports style!

What makes it stand out? For starters, it’s a Disney Value Resort, meaning you’re getting the magic of Disney at the most wallet-friendly rates available. Imagine being greeted every morning with colossal icons from your favorite sports—this resort is a playground not just for the young but also for the young at heart.

Like the other All-Star Resorts, you might find more crowds here, meaning longer wait times for food and buses at popular times throughout the day, but that shouldn’t deter you from staying here! The ability to pay affordable nightly rates and still take advantage of all the Disney hotel guest perks often outweighs any minor inconveniences in your daily park schedule.

Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

Prefer a hotel that doesn’t scream “Disney” but still has all the convenience of being close to Animal Kingdom? Enter Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort, a hidden gem that might just be further from Disney’s Animal Kingdom but is overflowing with reasons to make it your home base.

Gran Destino Tower at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort

What really sets Coronado Springs apart is its culinary scene. Boasting the most dining options of any Disney Moderate Resort, you certainly won’t go hungry after you get back from a long park day. Whether you’re craving an intimate evening at a fine dining restaurant or a quick, delicious meal to fuel your adventures, it’s all here.

Barcelona Lounge

And, for those of you who love a touch of luxury without the hefty price tag, the Gran Destino Tower is a dream come true. You get the Deluxe Resort atmosphere — sophisticated décor, elevated service, and stunning views — without draining your wallet. It’s perfect for those special occasions or simply if you want to treat yourself because, let’s face it, you deserve it.

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Granted, it’s a tad further away from the wilds of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. But, if you ask me, the unique charm, variety of dining options, and that sprinkle of luxury at the Gran Destino Tower more than makeup for the added travel time.

So, are you ready to book your next trip at a hotel near Animal Kingdom? Keep in mind that rooms at these coveted spots can book up faster than you can say ‘Hakuna Matata’ so be sure to plan ahead! And, stay tuned to The VacationEAR for more of the latest Disney hotel tips, tricks, and updates!

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